Because We Needed Something Else To Add To Our Already Crazy Busy Lives….

Call us crazy – because we are.

Along with being a mom, a wife, Kari’s corporate job, my freelance work, this blog,  and our philanthropic efforts and volunteerism,  we decided to add another new role to our already very busy lives.  We joined the team at Rodan + Fields as Independent Consultants. Since we’ve always had success as a team, we knew we both had to join as a team! We also know a great opportunity when we see one.

Rodan + Fields are the brilliant doctors behind Proactiv® and because of their global success, they decided to create a multi-step anti-aging skin care line. Their line was originally under the umbrella of Esteé Lauder and sold in high-end department stores, where they achieved top sales in the skin care market.  During the recession they purchased the company back and made the products available only through Independent Consultants.  The goal was to make the products affordable and available to everyone without an appointment to the Dermatologists.  It was their best decision to date.  In just 5 years they grew to an $108 million dollar company, and are expanding rapidly to include a launch in Canada this August – and this is just the beginning!

Lately there’s been a lot of buzz in the media about this booming company that you may have heard. They recently won the Ethos award from the DSA for Best Product Innovation, they were featured in Forbes, the Harvard Business School, The Wall Street Journal, seen on the Today show, The Ellen Show and Fox Business News.  If you would like more information regarding the products or joining the team, you can message us at mg2sanity (at) gmail (dot) com or go to our websites: Holly or Kari. 

In honor of our new roles and having a very successful few months with the company so far, we wanted to thank all of you – our loyal readers for the past two years by doing a giveaway!  We will try every month to do a giveaway of free product!

This month the giveaway is FIVE free mini-facials!  We will draw five winners on Sunday, June 8.  To enter, leave a comment below and say “enter” or comment on this Facebook post “enter”.   Good luck! Next week we will continue with posts about how we try not to suck at being moms. XO- Holly & Kari.

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